Nobody asked me about my background in fighting games. I went varsity in volleyball from grades 8 to 12. Just saying.

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I can’t decide whose expression is better [x]

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Michael’s little giggle

Gavin’s squeals

Ray’s victory cheer

Ryan’s smart words

Jack’s laugh

Geoff’s random singing
( ̄▽  ̄*)


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Michael & Barbara - x/o/x/o

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i'm just gonna turn my blog into a fake ah crew selfie dedication blog

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  • Ray: It's great when my mom wants to FaceTime me [in the morning]. I'm like 'shut up!'
  • Gus: That'd be awesome. She can face time with me. Hi, Ray's mom.
  • Ray: [Voice cracks] Hi Mom.
  • Gavin: Is she alright?
  • Gus: Yeah, you didn't see? Oh, I guess you wen't in the States yet when she came to visit.
  • Ray: No, I made sure they weren't there when my mom visited.
  • Gavin: What does she look like?
  • Ray: Me.
  • Gavin: [To Gus] What's she look like? [Gestures]
  • Gus: Just without the beard.
  • Ray: Did you just go 'What's she look like?' [Copies gesture]
  • Jack: Can we have a link dump?
  • Gavin: Is she called Mrs Narvaez Jr?
  • Ray: No.
  • Jack: [To Gavin] So we found out your mom is hot.
  • Gavin: Wha- [flustered] how'd you know that?
  • Jack: Gus brought it up.
  • Gus: I don't remember who brought it up to me. Someone brought it up to me and said it made you really uncomfortable.
  • Jack: Nice.
  • Gavin: She's alright, yeah. She looks young.
  • Jack: [High pitched voice] She's alright. Don't talk about my mommy.
  • Ray: How old is your mom?
  • Gavin: She's 50.
  • Ray: My mom's 49.
  • Gavin: There you go. You beat me by one year.
  • [Uncomfortable silence]
  • Ray: ...Please don't bang our moms.


tiny gavin tummy 4 lex

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if i have to text you first every single time then we aint gonna text ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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sorry i only like people that i never have a chance with

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This let’s play just started and I’m already dying because Gavin is basically cosplaying as his gta character


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it’s so weird how grapes don’t really taste like anything on the outside. like if you just put a grape in your mouth it doesn’t have a taste. but then you bite down and you’re like whoa. that’s a grape

this is the stupidest fucking post why does it have almost two hundred thousand notes

Because people like grapes.


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wander-panzer asked: Do you guys charge for autorgraphs over at RTX? i want to know how much money i need to save up because i want a lot of autographs from you guys


Psh, nah, we do not charge (that happens?) We’re honored that you would want our autographs in the first place! Our ink stains are free.

To update: I even asked Gus, just in case. This was his response. I couldn’t have said it better myself.